Dog Tornado – Nina Ottosson

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Experience a whirlwind of treat-seeking fun with the Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado! This interactive dog game engages your pup’s mind and body while they enjoy a rewarding challenge.

  • A smarter choice: Nina Ottosson dog games are interactive and exciting, suitable for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.
  • Make feeding fun: With 12 treat compartments, the Dog Tornado is a smart and enjoyable choice for mealtime, accommodating your dog’s favorite wet or dry kibble.
  • Just keep spinning: Each level of the Dog Tornado spins as your dog searches for hidden treats, providing a dynamic and engaging play experience.
  • How to play: Place treats in compartments, cover some with bones for added challenge, and encourage your dog to find treats while spinning the levels.
  • Frozen puzzle: Create a frozen challenge by filling hollows with a mixture of wet dog food or treats, perfect for energetic dogs or hot weather.
  • Play together: Supervise playtime, teach your dog how to use the puzzle, and enjoy interactive fun while bonding.
  • Level 2 challenge: Offers more complex ways for dogs to problem-solve, enhancing their cognitive skills and providing new training opportunities.

Turn mealtime into a fun-filled adventure with the Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado. Stimulate your dog’s mind, encourage healthy behaviors, and create lasting memories together.

Size: 27.94cm x 19.05cm

Care Instructions: Hand wash with warm soapy water for hassle-free maintenance.

IMPORTANT: Always supervise your dog while they are using the puzzle.


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