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100% natural dehydrated Beef Ears made locally in South Africa by Craving Nature. These dehydrated Beef Ears consists of a single protein free from preservatives, colourants, grains, carbohydrates, vinegar or any artificial additives.

Beef Ears primarily comprise cartilage that naturally contains chondroitin that improves the condition of joint cartilage and is especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis or dogs who are hard on their joints like active working dogs. Beef Ears are also a natural dewormer for dogs as during the digestion of the chew, parasites in the digestive tract stick to the hair, which is then passed.

They are delicious and long-lasting chews for medium to larger dogs high in protein, low in fat, and maintain your dog’s teeth and gum health during an extended chew period.

Ingredients: Beef Ear

Size: 2 Whole Beef Ears

IMPORTANT: Always supervise your dog when they are eating treats.


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